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¡Bienvenidos a Madrid!

About us

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We aim to transport you to Madrid, Spain, via a phenomenal journey of wine, flavor, music, and art. Throughout many years of travel, research, and restaurant experience, our service staff is here to guide you and assist in bringing Spain to you. Join us. Enjoy numerous delicious Tapas! Share some Paella… if you want to! Choose your wine from our wine wall and savor some authentic Spanish wine! We import the absolute best products from Spain, including hard-to-find Pata Negra Iberian Ham, Salchichón, and Chorizo. We take great care in hand-carving all our hams daily to bring you the freshest flavors. This is your experience. This is your trip to Spain.

What are Tapas?
How did they begin?

The Old Taverns of Spain were a place to gather… a place to have a glass of wine… a place to have a “Tirada." Little by little, Taverns were becoming unique by adding “Tapas” to their wines. Legend says that they were added to avoid insects to fly into the wine, while others say it was meant to distinguish themselves from other places by adding a piece of bread on top of the wine. As time went on, those pieces of bread started getting toppings: montaditos, cheese, ham, salted seafood, and much more.

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